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Say 'No' to Incineration!

"Incineration plants are the source of serious toxic pollutants: dioxins, furans, acid gases, heavy particulates, heavy metals, and they all need to be treated very seriously.  There must be absolute priority given to human health requirements ... and protection of the environment.  We know scientifically there is no safe threshold below which one can allow such emissions"
Michael Meacher - Environment Secretary - in evidence to the House of Lords, 14th April 1999

The incinerator proposed for NEWHAVEN by East Sussex and Brighton and Hove Councils, will affect YOU personally if you live or work anywhere within the county!
The two councils are proposing to build a huge incinerator at Newhaven. A third of waste from the two authorities comes from Brighton and Hove. There are now four out of the original six contractors left oin the tender process for this multi-million pound programme.  If incineration is accepted we will be locked into it fo 25 years or more!  The tender is not prescriptive, our councillors do not have to choose incineration.  Cleaner technologies exist and are being used in countries such as Canada and Australia.

INCINERATION produces toxic ash that still requires landfill space?
INCINERATION competes with recycling
INCINERATION releases DANGEROUS DIOXINS and HEAVY METALS which are known to cause cancers and birth defects - even from the latest state-of-the-art plants

Unless we can persuade our councillors to greatly increase the recycling rates in our county and to look at a three stream kerbside collection, composting and anaerobic digestion (AD), the waste companies will be poisoning this beautiful county of East Sussex, not just with emissions but with the resulting toxic ash.  Not only will our reservoirs, coastline and farmland be at risk but the ash will be used as a secondary aggregate to build roads and in the construction industry for everything from bricks and blocks to sub-base materials.  Eventually homes, gardens, schools and hospitals built after the incinerator may well contain levels of toxic ash.  This is a disaster waiting to happen - like BSE.

Humans can only absorb a certain amount of dioxin.  Children and babies much much less.  We alredy know that our food and packaging contains dioxin, we already know we breath a certain amount in the atmosphere, this has happened in Belgium and Byker in Newcastle.  DO YOU WANT IT HERE? Even if the incinerator is built in Newhaven or Mountfield it will affect Lewes, Uckfield, Crowborough, Hailsham, Eastbourne, Heathfield and even beyond.

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