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7 films about epidemics for you to stay a little paranoid and do not want to go outside

  • With so popular Ebola outbreak appeared among us an exaggerated paranoia comparable with swine flu, dengue or the end of the world in 2012. Here we leave a list from movie 2k┬áto accompany this moment and come.
  • 1 The Andromeda Strain (1971)

    After a government satellite of the United States crashes near the city of Piedmont (New Mexico), all city dwellers die quickly. There are only two survivors, a man of sixty-two years and a six months. When all panic and begin to suspect that the satellite brought a strange germ, the military activated a team of scientific elite who had previously met only for emergencies of this type. A classic science fiction very paranoid people who can not miss.

    2 28 days (2002)

    This film reinforces the fear of the real inability of the world facing an epidemic of fast -acting and effective contagion, what we all want to see.
    The story begins somewhere in Cambridge a raid by activists for the rights of animals access to a research laboratory with the intention of releasing a group of tender monkeys who were “fuming”, being used in various secret experiments. Driven by their fanaticism, activists decided to release the animals ignoring the warnings, the last time they launch one of the scientists responsible for the project frightened, warning about the dangerous virus inoculated in primates.

    3 Epidemic (1995)

    Another classic of this kind of science fiction movie somewhat maniacal. A monkey carrying a strange disease (monkeys always have to blame for everything) is captured and taken to the United States where infects humans of a people. The US government must decide what steps to take to prevent the spread of this pest.

    4 Contagion (2011)

    An American woman keeps an affair in China and contracted a rare disease that causes your country and one of the largest epidemics. A lot of bad milk has this poor woman, some will say that it goes through promiscuous. Meanwhile, the US health department becomes aware of this event when the situation is out of control. A surprising film for its fidelity to reality by faithfully following international protocols health.

    5 Carriers (2010)

    Four young cross a desert by car in order to escape an epidemic unleashed a virus that could have wiped out all humanity. To survive a series of self-imposed rules, of which the most important is to have no contact with other human beings, survival in its purest form.

    6 In the house door (2006)

    As if one morning, Brad says goodbye to his wife Lexi, who is going to work. Soon after a string of bomb explodes in the city, and means awarded the act of a terrorist action. The pumps generate a cloud of toxic gas and other communications routes and are absolutely useless. Much has to do with the Twin Towers paranoia post. The constant presence of toxic ash rain and the complete lack of information which plays very well here with the role of the media in this type of crisis maintains good suspense. The thing finally arises like this: if you get caught in a giant deadly contamination zone, would you feel saved in the secluded sanctuary of your own home?

    7 Panic in the Streets (1950)

    Another classic jewel of this type of film. It is characterized by its approach to the detective genre, a film of epidemiological contagion where the search for a murderer becomes a frantic race a doctor to find a source of spread of pneumonic plague before unleashing the full panic of the population.

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