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DOVE, Defenders of the Ouse Valley and Estuary was formed to address major environmental interests in the Ouse Valley and to protect it for future generations. We are opposed to the proposal to build an incinerator in this area but further believe that it should not be built anywhere else. Our aims are to:-
  • promote measures to conserve the Ouse Valley as a beautiful and healthy environment, a home and a place of recreation for all of us, our children, and our children's children.

  •  raise awareness and understanding of the key issues we face and to represent the views of the communities in towns and villages throughout the Ouse Valley

  •  research and share information to encourage waste recycling, reduction, re-use and composting

  •  work with other community-based groups with similar aims

  •  lobby County Councillors and MP's 

    DOVE is committed to keeping our members and the community informed so that we may have a voice on developments that affect our lives, our environment and the quality of life now and in the future.  We shall encourage and promote measures to preserve the Ouse Valley's beauty, environment and heritage. DOVE has no party political affiliations or other ambitions, but we do believe that communities have a right to know about plans and be consulted on issues that affect them.

    If you are interested in joining DOVE then you can do this on our membership page or go to our contacts page. You can also join our email mailing list to be kept up to date with all news and developments. You can also get more DOVE news by downloading a copy of our latest newsletter .
    DOVE, The Defenders of the Ouse Valley and Estuary, is run entirely by volunteers. We have carefully researched the content of this website and every effort has been made to ensure the information provided is accurate. DOVE shall not be responsible or liable in respect of any errors or ommissions.